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income proof

income proof

Dear Freedom Seeker,


You’ve heard it over and over again. The money is in the list. Keep them engaged. Content is king.

But who has the TIME to write all day? I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like most internet marketers, you’re busy with developing partnerships, SELLING products, and managing the everyday machinations of your business.

Success is all about the hustle.

Anything that takes time away from your hustle is a pain and costs you money. So we created PLR Bandit to take writing off of your plate. That’s right.

We write excellent quality PLR for the internet marketing niche.

We do the writing and you can do what you want with the content.

  • Give it away as BONUS material!
  • Repurpose for blog posts or email content!
  • Deliver as email courses
  • SELL baby sell!

The more you GIVE, the more you GET!

You know the money is in the list.

What are you doing with your list?

Are you emailing your list?

Are you offering free content? VALUE?

In today’s GIVE and SHARE economy people EXPECT you to deliver quality content. If you’re not putting out content that educates and brings value to your consumer, you’re wasting their precious time (and money).

Who has TIME? Time isn’t on your side.

You need to know how to write;

  • Good Sales Copy
  • Great Products

You might be tempted to do all the writing yourself. Doing it on your own takes away from your business.

You might be wondering,

“Is it possible to find good quality work already done for me?  Has someone already written the reports, emails and eBooks I need for my business?”

Think about it. It means you don’t have to waste ANY MORE time writing content. You wouldn’t have to empty your bank account paying a professional writer to put together the information for you.

Don’t forget about the time you need for responding to emails, calls, Skype chats, masterminds, developing partnerships, traveling to events and more. How can you fit a writing schedule into all of that?

There’s FREEDOM in done-for-you content. You get to focus on your product and make SALES while also giving your customers the fresh, quality content they want…

… And deserve.

This is what PLR products are all about. You get the chance to become the expert in your niche while helping you grow your business, your customer base, and your bank account. 

Yet don’t just buy any PLR. Most PLR out there is pretty lame.

If You Want Your Subscribers To Know Like And Trust You, You Need To Write Like People Talk.

So where do you find good, fresh, well-written PLR?

PLR content that hasn’t been around the block?

Listen, you already know you need PLR. You don’t need anymore convincing.  You need a writing partner. The key to success is having a partner in crime. The TRUE key to success is having the RIGHT partner in crime.

This is when we come in.  

We are PLR Bandit

PLR Bandit is a team of Established, Successful Internet Marketers and Copywriters who have “banded” together to solve this content problem for you.

PLR Bandit is your partner in crime.

 Here’s what you get when you work with PLR Bandit:

  • High quality content, written by a top notch North American copywriting team of writers, who all speak English as their first language.
  • PLR Bandit gives you original content you won’t find anywhere else.
  • We only share the BEST stuff! (We didn’t just hire some hacks and pass the work off as authentic.)
  • Our lead copywriter has written many Product of The Day offers and is sought after by some of the biggest names in Internet marketing! We’re proud of our team of remarkably professional writers and graphic designers.
  • This is NOT recycled, spun “same-same” writing. This content is written in conversational tone.
  • If you want your readers to “Know, Like and Trust” you, you need to sound genuine. Your reader needs to feel like they’re chatting with you over a beer or coffee.
  • Conversational PLR reads like real people talk.
  • Genuine.
  • That’s what makes PLR Bandit special. It’s ready to go.

So that’s why you should choose PLR Bandit for your PLR content.

PLR Bandit gives you the highest quality and done-for-you products you can sell as your own. You get to keep 100% of the profit.

Simply buy the subscription and you get FULL ACCESS to our PLR content.  It’s that simple!

Regardless of which you choose, you can be sure it’s the most up-to-date product on the market…

 Here’s The Cutting Edge Content You Need To Make Those Sales.

PLR Bandit Bundle

  • EBooks – original content
  • Graphics – Buy now buttons, vectors, arrows, visual headlines, photo frames, price badges, characters, call to action buttons, premium headers and much more!
  • Mp3 audios – Listen in like a fly on the wall as you hear coaching and interviews, tips and tricks for making real money online!
  • High quality content, written by a top notch North American copywriting team of writers, who all speak English as their first language!
  • Videos courses on list building, video marketing, audience engagement, local business videos, and more!
  • Software including a variety of ready to use, high-demand WP Plug-Ins!

 With PLR Bandit’s Package You’ll Get Amazing, Bright, And Colorful Graphics And Professionally Written Content.  That Shows You And Your Audience How To Make Money Online.

Remember, this is a monthly subscription – there’s no long term commitment, and you can cancel at any time.  

This is SEO ready content -- it contains the right keywords and phrases designed to draw in new traffic.

PLR Bandit clocks in the hours writing content and curating graphics and audios. We pour out the blood, sweat and tears. You get all the glory!

You can package and sell this stuff for any price you want!

You don’t have to...

  • …Spend hours each day writing.
  • … Pay people to rewrite other crappy PLR.
  • … Pay a team of writers and designers to do it for you. Let our team help free up your time and resources for other stuff. Let us help YOU get back to the business of making money.

So now, finally, you can have PLR Bandit and a host of quality writing and resources in your arsenal.

Aren’t you ready to DIVE right in?

Then click the “Get PLR Bandit Platinum Level” button and you’ll have access to lots of premium, unique content every month.

PLR Bandit Front End
No Thanks

Hey, remember this is a subscription. There’s no long-term commitment, no contract and you can cancel anytime. Remember, we’ve been successful online for years now. We know that a rock solid, Iron-Clad Guarantee is necessary to earn your business.

Test-Drive PLR Bandit For The Next 30 Days… 100% RISK FREE

You Have Our 100% Iron-Clad 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee! If you aren’t 100% completely satisfied with the content or service you receive from PLR Bandit, simply request a refund and you’ll get your money back for the month. And you get to keep the PLR you’ve downloaded. Sounds good, right?

How can we offer such a great guarantee? Because we’re 100% confident you’ll love PLR Bandit’s content. You’ll have everything you need to burst onto the internet marketing scene and dominate.

What Are You Waiting For? Go Ahead And Get PLR Bandit Now!

Oh, and here’s what some marketers have to say about what you get with PLR Bandit.

Delilah Taylor

Kristie Chiles

Omar Briones

I'm an avid user of many white label and PLR membership sites, because frankly I'm addicted to the easy profits they bring for my business... However, the problem with most of them out there is that they either give you crappy outdated products, low quality 1995 looking sales pages, and they make it SUPER HARD to sift through their inventory to find something at least half-decent to use. PLR Bandit is honestly without a doubt, THE MOST USER-FRIENDLY & simply-laid out system I've seen so far, to find SUPER HIGH-QUALITY products that you can use to make SUPER QUICK PROFITS with, like RIGHT NOW. There's nothing else like it, and you can be sure that what you find here is absolute gold.

I got access to PLR Bandit earlier and I found something weird about this PLR site. It does not suck ! I mean, most plr sites have products from the 1990's (salespages are outdated & the content is surely like your grandpa teaching you internet marketing (not fun at all) PLR Bandit is different. Because they have updated information, and exclusive newly written content by an amazing copywriter. I found out that they don't only provide me with content, but with Audios, Softwares, Graphics, Music & Video trainings also! This thing is a real money magnet because most of the items inside have resale rights! Which means .... I can sell them without any hassle. Because they have salespages integrated IN the product delivery file & even swipe files sometimes! This is a true gold mine.

Alaa Khassa

Rae Jenkins

Affiliate marketers dream. That’s what I found when I discovered PLR Bandit! Wow, it certainly saves me tons of time and money when going into a new niche market. Lets face it, affiliate marketing is always a bit of a gamble so I need to get the sites up as quickly as I can, and I get MOST of my marketing materials here. I can’t recommend PLR Bandit highly enough!

John Currie

Amazing "Take Action Now" Bonuses

WP Image Studio $27 Value

Access over one million open source images, edit them, and add them to your site!

WP Mini Funnels $47 Value

Create Mini Sales Funnels in Minutes!

PLR Mania $17 Value

Your Guide to Instant Product Creation ... Learn The Secrets to Fast Income And The Inside Scoop on How to Create Your Own Products Instantly!

See? There you go. These successful marketers know what they’re talking about.

They know good content when they see it!

You’ve read this far for a reason, right? You can’t leave empty handed.

You know the only way to finally deliver quality, well-written content to your subscribers – the quality content you promised them – and the quality content they deserve --- then get PLR Bandit today!  For a mere $17 per month, you’ll get all the content you need to deliver an authentic voice to your audience.

Finally, break FREE from TIME constraints and being shackled to your desk. Now you’ll finally have DONE FOR YOU products you can sell, use for lead magnets, email Autoresponders, landing pages… Whatever YOU want to do with your new PLR.

Why go through all that grind when PLR Bandit does everything for you?

Get PLR Bandit now before the price goes up.

Let's do this,

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